Thursday, June 13, 2013

Think It Thursday: Time Management

Let's face it, time management is important no matter who you are. And I find myself needing it more & more being a busy SAHM.

It can get a little tricky sometimes to be able to fit everything into my day without feeling like I neglected anyone, myself included. I have my GPT sites, blogging, housework, yard work & gardening, errands, meals & bedtime routines along with spending time with my three kids & husband. And of course some "me" time. I'm usually pretty lucky if I get in a small workout, read a chapter in my latest book or even paint my nails. And of course once I get a good system down, school starts or ends, soccer season picks up or something else to throw me off kilter.

Time sure would be more manageable if there were more of it!

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