Saturday, June 8, 2013

Snacktastic Saturday: Sweet Potato Chips

I used to work at a little cafe, that had one of the greatest sides to accompany its sandwiches. Sweet Potato Chips. I haven't worked there in years (& it's not even around today), but luckily for me (& now you) I used to work the cook's line a couple nights a week. Which means I make the same chips whenever I want!

How To:

•deep fryer or large pot of oil
•sweet potatoes, sliced paper thin with a mandolin slicer
•seasoned salt
•large bowl lined with paper towels

•When your oil is heated to 375 degrees, spread small batch (a handful at a time) of sweet potatoes directly into oil.
•Using a large metal slotted spoon or tongs, stir the sweet potatoes while in the oil.
•Remove when they start to cool & are a slightly darker shape (they'll darken up more once removed).
•Place in paper towel lined bowl, sprinkle with seasoned salt & shake lightly to distribute.

*Note: These are delicious served with ranch! You could even sprinkle them with a bit or cinnamon sugar if you'd like a sweeter chip.

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