Friday, May 31, 2013

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Think It Thursday: 10 Things To Do With Your Kids This Summer

Looking for some fun things to do with your kids this summer to keep them from being bored (& you sane)? Here's 10 things I plan on doing with mine. (In no particular order.)

1. Summer Reading - Lots of local libraries have a Summer Reading Program for elementary aged children, as well as preschool story times. 

2. Get Crafty - Pinterest is a great place to find ideas for any age!

3. Camp Out - You don't have to go to a campground, or even outside. Pop up a tent in the living room & stay up past bedtime.

4. Festivals & Fairs - There's always something going on it seems. And with plenty of games, rides, shows & food!

5. Explore Nature - We have a local Wilderness Center with plenty of trails. We always look for the perfect rock or something else along the way.

6. Party! - Have a "Just Because" party, just because you want to. You can pick a theme, do potluck or even cater, it's all up to you.

7. Mini Road Trip - Sometimes it's just nice to drive an hour (or so) away & play tourist. Perfect for getting some candid photos with a new background.

8. Farmers Markets - This is a family fave! The kids like to help pick out the produce & some beautiful flowers (among other things).

9. Just Keep Swimming - Yea, this is pretty self explanatory (LOL).

10. Grow a Garden - You don't have to have a huge vegetable garden, a few flowers will do. But this is a great way to teach responsibility while learning how things grow.


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Work it Wednesday: Incoco Nail Polish Appliques

I'm on facebook a lot. (Just don't tell my husband I admitted that.) And on occasion I enter the giveaways my friends post on there, mostly to help them out & give them an extra entry though. (You know the ones I'm talking about, right?) Well, low & behold, I won one!

Being one of the winners of Incoco's Facebook Spectacular 100K Giveaway, I got to choose 5 nail appliques!

L-R: In Bloom, A Floral Affair, Golden Lattice, Spring Vines & First Crush

I opted for the Design Manicures because, well, I can't do those designs on my own. But choosing was tough! There has to be 100's of styles from Color Mani's & Pedi's to Style Tips, they even have a gel kit.

Each applique pack comes with 16 double ended tips complete with base, color & top coats. And their "signature", they stretch! After you remove the polish strip, you can stretch them while applying for a better fit. Which guarantees a better look when you have three kids climbing on you trying to see what you're doing.

Just under 10 minutes & voila! My nails are super short at the moment & there's a spot where my youngest tried to help with the file, but I can still work it!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: No Bake Island Cheesecake

I've been known to experiment in the kitchen on more than one occasion. Sometimes I fail miserably, but other times have me thinking I'm a culinary genius. Today, I was just shy of genius level.

This picture doesn't give this cheesecake justice. For starters, I just couldn't seem to get my white chocolate to cooperate enough. So I opted for a good smearing instead. But seeing as how the whole thing only lasted less than 8 hours before it was devoured, I don't think it mattered.

How To:

•vanilla wafer cookies
•macadamia nuts
•1Tbsp. granulated sugar
•1/4C. butter or margarine, melted
•8oz. cream cheese, softened
•8oz. whipped topping, thawed
•1/4C. crushed pineapple (with juice)
•3Tbsp. shredded sweetened coconut
•melted white chocolate for drizzling

•Place desired amount of vanilla wafer cookies & macadamia nuts into a food processor & process to a fine crumb. (Sorry for the lack of measurements on this, if you make to much just freeze the excess.)

•Combine crumbs with melted butter or margarine & sugar. Press down to cover the bottom & just a little up the sides, of a pie plate. 

•With a mixer, beat cream cheese & whipped topping until thoroughly combined. Add pineapple & coconut & beat again for just a minute.

•Spread cheesecake mixture onto crust. Drizzle white chocolate over top.

•Refrigerate for at least 1 hour before serving.


Sambazon Review & Giveaway

I try to lead a healthier lifestyle these days, but I'll admit, it's a bit hard at times. Not just from the temptation, but my lack of knowledge. I have a few friends that spout out terms that seem foreign to me. I like to keep it simple, just the basics please. I also like the easy routes, taking  as much time to prepare a snack as it does a meal rarely happens in this house. The solution, a grab & go packed full of nutrients.

I was spying Sambazon Smoothies/Juices at the grocery store for a while. But then Moms Meet gave me that extra nudge (we all need one on occasion, right?) to try them with 3 free product vouchers. I was so excited, I went to get them the same day!

About Sambazon:
This company is amazing! Their juices are packed with antioxidants & healthy omega 3-6-9s, most likely from being made with the finest organic Amazon Superfoods (Açaí, Acerola & Yerba Mate). They're also NON-GMO, vegan, gluten free, USDA certified organic & fair trade! Which means that while they're supporting you with their whole food nutrition, they're also supporting 2 million acres of the Amazon Rainforest & over 10,000 family farmers. 

•Of course I had to try the Original Açaí Juice. This low glycemic & gluten free juice has a refreshing coco-berry taste (with a bit more on the berry side).

 •What kind of a coffee lover would I be it I didn't try the Mocha Java?! This vegan blend of chocolate soy milk, yerba mate & fair trade coffee packs 80mg of caffeine. Must be why it's my newest non-guilty obsession!

•Next up was a gluten free Energy blend of açaí, yerba mate & guarana. This tasted similar to the Original Açaí I thought, but without the deep undertone of the cocoa. And it did provide a little boost of added energy.

Needless to say, I'm so glad Moms Meet gave me that little nudge. I grab a few Sambazon Smoothies every time I go to the store now! And the Mocha Java goes perfect with my morning cereal or oats (that I eat out of my wooden Sambazon bowl with spoon that they so graciously sent me also).

One winner will receive 3 free Sambazon product vouchers plus a wooden bowl with spoon ($45 value), shipped directly from Moms Meet.  

 The giveaway will conclude at 12:00 a.m. est on Friday 5/31/13. Winners will be announced via rafflecopter in a separate blog post which will be published no later than 9:00 a.m. est on Friday 5/31/13. Winners will also be notified via emails & announced on the Smith and Blessings facebook pageWinners will have 24 hours to submit shipping information which will then be passed directly to Moms Meet for product distribution. If 24 hours has lapsed a new winner will be picked & will then have 24 hours to submit information. Giveaway open to U.S. residents only.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Want to learn more about Sambazon? You can check them out on their website (be sure you read their Superfood Story). 

Connect with social media: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Instagram 

Moms Meet is an online resource that empowers moms to come together in an informal setting and talk about the latest on raising healthy families and living green. Moms Meet offers exciting opportunities for Mom Ambassadors and their groups to sample the latest healthy, green products. Sign up today!

***Disclaimer: I am blogging about this product without compensation from the sponsor of the Moms Meet program, May Media Group LLC, who received it directly from the manufacturer. As a Moms Meet blogger, I agreed to review this product and post my opinion on my blog. My opinions do not necessarily reflect the opinions of May Media Group LLC or the manufacturer of the product.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Messy Monday: Glass Cleaning 101

Let's get one thing clear, I despise cleaning windows. It took me years of streaky or dusty looking windows to finally figure out what works best. And honestly, it's super simple.

My DIY Glass Cleaner (works just as good as Windex) & newspaper. Yes, newspaper, is actually the trick to streak (& dust) free windows. Just crumple it up a bit & wipe up the glass cleaner like you would with a paper towel. (See, I told you it was simple!)

I even prefer this method over the glass cleaning cloths, what's that tell you?

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Simple Sunday: Never Forget

While you are having your barbecue tomorrow, don't forget the fallen men & women who made it possible for you to do so.

Never forget.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Snacktastic Saturday: French Bread Style Pizza

Every now & then you want a snack that's really filling. Like almost a meal in itself, filling. My solution: French Bread Style Pizza.

 It's "French Bread Style" because you just use whatever "bread" you have on hand. (I happened to have some sub buns.) Simply pile on your desired sauce, meat(s), veggies & cheese. Sprinkle with salt, pepper & garlic powder (if desired) & place in a 350 degree oven until your cheese is melted (15-20 min.)

Slice & enjoy!


Friday, May 24, 2013

Fun Friday: Attack of the Socktopus

I hate throwing things out. Even those mis-matched socks that have been collecting for...well, ever. But I finally have a use for them beyond the average "duster".

This is Hayden's Socktopus. Isn't it cute?!

How To:

•old sock
•plastic shopping bags
•yarn or string
•needle & thread
•permanent marker

•Stuff your sock with plastic shopping bags & secure tightly by tying off with yarn.
•Sew buttons onto socktopus for eyes.
•Draw on a smile or other silly face with permanent marker.
•Cut remaining sock into 8 sections.

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Think It Thursday: Are You Prepared?

With the recent devastation in Oklahoma, it really had me thinking. What happens the day my family & I are in that situation? Are we prepared?

Ohio is considered part of the Midwest (which boggles my mind a bit), but when you hear Midwest, you think tornadoes. And while we are far from "Tornado Alley", an EF5 (formerly known as F5) tornado could happen right here. Actually the last F5 tornado in Ohio was recorded in 1985, in Niles.

You don't need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, but there are a few key elements.

•Know where to go. Do you have a basement to take cover in? if not a 1st floor bathtub covered with a mattress would probably be the safest.

•First Aid. Having a first aid kit handy near your safe spot could be critical.

•Rations. No you don't need the latest in astronaut cuisine, but some bottled waters & non-perishable food (like a box of granola bars) would definitely help in case you get trapped.

•Flashlight & Batteries. You never know if you'll have to crawl through the rubble to safety.

These are simply my own personal suggestions, even though I'm sure I need to learn more. But they are suggestions worth following through with, as I plan to do. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Work It Wednesday: Sandal Ready Feet

Let's face it, unless you live close enough to the beach to frolic in the sand all day, your feet probably need a bit extra TLC. Especially if you want to wear that closet of cute sandals! But don't fret, you can keep your feet looking amazing in just a few minutes a day. Before you know it, it'll become part of your daily routine & you'll never have to worry about dry, cracked heels again!

Step 1: Exfoliate

I have a foot paddle that I use as soon as I get out of the shower. It has a pumice stone & file to remove rough skin, a buffer for all over & a brush to remove the dead skin cells. Just 2 extra minutes is all it takes.
Step 2: Moisturize

My current go-to, Burt's Bees coconut Foot Creme with Vitamin E. This stuff works great! The secret is to put it on at night to let it thoroughly soak in. If you're like me & not a fan of sleeping with your socks on, grab a pair of old "no show" socks & cut below the toes. That way the sock helps hold the moisture in a bit longer & your foot still feels "free". 

Step 3: Decorate

Of course you're feet aren't sandal ready until they're painted. I opted for "Purple Icon" by Maybelline Color Show, but whatever floats your boat is perfect.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Hummus Sandwich

One day while I was walking through the store, something caught my eye. Hummus. But not just any hummus, a limited batch of "Everything" hummus by Tribe. (You know, like the "everything" bagels. Nom nom nom!)

Immediately a craving kicked in. But not your average craving of hummus with veggie slices & pita bread, I wanted a sandwich! What's great about making a hummus sandwich is you can put practically whatever you want on it.

 This picture really doesn't do it justice, but that's OK. It's a rather difficult sandwich to eat, let alone cut. But I firmly believe in the saying "The messier, the better", but ONLY when it comes to my food. (In case the hubs reads this & decides to slack on helping around the house, LOL.)

How To:

•specialty bread such as ciabatta or focaccia, toasted (I used a multigrain ciabatta)
•hummus (whichever flavor your little heart desires!)
•sauteed veggies (I used red onion, baby bellas & pepperoncini's. Roasted red peppers are pretty yummy on this too!)
•lettuce & tomato
•drizzle of Italian dressing, if desired (think of it as a mini salad on the sandwich & give the lettuce & tomato a little love.)

•Pile it all together the best way you can think of & grab a napkin! You're going to need it!

A much prettier picture of my sandwich. You can see how much I have stuffed in there! I added some Garlic Parmesan Orzo (a new staple of mine) & some strawberries topped with honey roasted sunflower seeds to round out the perfect least once a week. For the simple fact that it would be weird if I ate the same thing every day. Can you tell how much I love it?!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Messy Monday: DIY Baby Wipes

If there's one thing that's guaranteed to get dirty at least a dozen times in my house, it's bottoms. The little kind of course, like on my 1 year old. And quite frankly, sometimes (most of the time) I just want to make my own baby wipes. Even if for the only reason that it saves money when you use them for so many other things.

How To:
•1 roll of paper towels (I've found Bounty to be the best)
•1 1/2 C. warm water
•2 Tbsp. baby wash
•1 Tbsp. baby oil
• rectangular plastic container with a lid

•Use a carving knife to cut your paper towels in half. You can make a double batch with the remaining half, or save it for next time.

•Place paper towel half in plastic container.
•In a 2 C. measuring cup, stir together water, baby was & baby oil. 
•Very slowly, pour mixture over paper towels starting from the center & working your way out. be sure to completely saturate cardboard middle.
•Working from an end, carefully tear & pull out cardboard middle.

•Be sure you pull your wipes from the more saturated center.


Saturday, May 18, 2013

Snacktastic Saturday: Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins

I love strawberry season. I also love muffins. And cheese. So when the snacking urge calls, these muffins are my 1st go-to choice for this time of year.

How To:

•1 egg
•1/2 C. milk
•1/2 C. oil
•1 1/2 C. flour
•1/2 C. sugar
•1 tsp. baking powder
•1/2 tsp. salt
•desired amount of sliced strawberries & cream cheese

•Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Grease muffin tins or line with paper baking cups.
•Beat egg. Stir in milk & oil. Mix in flour, sugar, baking powder & salt until moistened. (Batter will be lumpy.)
•Stir in desired amount of strawberries.
•Fill muffin tins 1/3 full. Place desired amount of cream cheese in center & top with more mix. Each muffin tin will be over 2/3 full.
•Bake 20-25 minutes & allow to cool.

*For most delicious results, serve chilled.

Fun Friday: Not So Much

I know it's not Friday anymore. But this is really an apology for missing Fun Friday.

I was looking forward to unwinding from a very busy day by making some cute crafts with my kids. But my 7 year old apparently had other plans which involved sitting at the hospital for hours getting stitches. So needless to say, there was no fun for Fun Friday. 


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Think It Thursday: SAHM "Paycheck"

It's one of the hardest jobs I've ever had. There's no vacation or sick days. And quite frankly , the days are never ending. But to be around for every milestone, every achievement & every "crisis" is amazing in & of itself. 

I've found that most other SAHM's are very creative at finding ways to contribute to the household finances. I maximize my savings at the stores. I use online earning sites. I make most of my cleaners. I like to re-purpose things. Of course, most of that goes unnoticed in the chaotic day to day shuffle. But that's OK, I know the difference that I make.

But it makes you wonder, what if you got a paycheck for it too. Hugs & kisses are great ways that my kids "pay" me, but I can't pay the gas bill with them. (One can still dream though, right? LOL)

 This would be my yearly pay. Calculated for the area I live in & the hours I perform my "jobs".

Wow! I'd have to have a pretty good job to bring home that kind of money. But then I would miss Paige's school activities. Damien's first day of preschool. Special play dates at the park with Hayden. Too much if you ask me.

I guess what I'm getting at, is that no one should ever devalue the work that a SAHM does. Because just remember, her "paycheck" might be bigger than yours.

Calculate your own "Mom paycheck" here.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Work It Wednesday: AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® Intensive Night Cream

Ever notice that when you wake up looking great, you feel great? Sure a full night's sleep helps, but it doesn't quite give you that radiance. What does? Aveeno Positively Radiant Intensive Night Cream of course.

 "The AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® Intensive Night Cream, formulated with ACTIVE NATURALS® Total Soy Complex and vitamin B3, helps to reduce the appearance of discoloration, uneven tone and blotchiness, revealing healthier-looking skin."

I have to say, I love Aveeno. I've never tried a product of theirs that I didn't like. And this night cream is no exception. It's definitely different from other creams I've tried in the past, for the simple fact that it is incredibly light & refreshing. Of course I'm sure that's because it's oil-free. So no need to worry about clogged pores or breakouts.

"In a clinical study, women saw improvement in tone and discoloration."

And for $14.99-$16.99 for a 1.7 oz. jar, it's considered to be a beauty steal! (At least in my book anyways.) I know it doesn't seem like very big size, but it's literally a dab or two with your finger & your whole face is radiantly covered.

Get The Facts: Active Naturals Total Soy Complex

Traditional Chinese medicine has used soy for thousands of years to reduce the appearance of blotchiness and discoloration. AVEENO® scientists devised a way to process soybeans that retains the integrity of the proteins to provide immediate and long-term skin benefits. Products with our ACTIVE NATURALS® Total Soy Complex visibly transform dull, uneven skin into brighter, more radiant skin.

**Disclaimer: I received this product to try from Influenster & am simply sharing my personal opinion which may vary from yours. I was not compensated for this review.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Sparklecore $1000 Beauty Collection Makeover: It's Not Too Late to Sparkle!

There's still time to enter the amazing giveaway over at Sparklecore. Not much though, so you better hurry! (Giveaway ends tomorrow 5/15/13 at 3:00 p.m. est.)

The Grand Prize winner will receive:

• Mini Kittour Jet Setter Deluxe Travel Case
•Mally Beauty Mally's Favorite Things Volume 2 Collection
•Lise Watier Deluxe Professional Brush Set
•Prestige Cosmetics 8 Piece Kit...Hand picked for!
•Q-Tips Precision Tips Cotton Swabs
•Aveeno Total Skincare Package
•ROC Skincare Wrinkle Resurfacing System
•Little Waisted Complete Cocktail Glass Rim Collection

2 Runner Ups will each receive:

•Mally Beauty More Perfect Palette
•Prestige Cosmetics Vanity Flair Eyeshadow Palette
•Lise Watier Nail Lacquer in Gulabi
 •Purse Pack of the Q-tips Precision Tips 
 •Aveeno Active Naturals Protect + Hydrate SPF 70 Lotion and Daily Moisturizing Lotion
•Little Waisted Glass Glitz in Carousel Candy

All 3 winners will also receive a BONUS courtesy of Addiction NV Cosmetics.

Awesome doesn't even begin to describe the magnitude of this giveaway! So hurry over to Sparklecore now & enter on the Giveaway Tools form. (You can also get more details on all the prizes.)

Good luck!

Tasty Tuesday: Taco Dip

I have a confession to make. Every time I go to Taco Bell, I ask for a handful of mild sauce. For two reasons. The first, that everyone's "handful" varies (from 2-20) so it's nice to have some extra at home in case I need more. And second, I use it in my Taco Dip.

This stuff is the bomb diggity! And it can easily be adapted to please picky eaters, like my kids.

How To:

•1-8 oz. pkg. cream cheese, softened
•1-16 oz. container sour cream
•1 lb. hamburger, browned & drained
•1 pkg. taco seasoning
•taco sauce
•shredded cheese (i use cheddar)
•desired toppings such as shredded lettuce, diced tomato, sliced green onion &/or whatever else you'd like
•Tortilla chips

•Combine taco seasoning & browned hamburger according to pkg. directions. Place in 8x8 glass baking dish & set aside.
•In medium bowl, beat cream cheese & sour cream on medium speed until well combined. Spread over hamburger.
•Drizzle with taco sauce & top with shredded cheese.
•Allow to sit for 15 min. for flavors to blend.
•Top with additional desired toppings & serve with tortilla chips.

*Note: This is best served at room temperature, so when eating leftovers let sit for 15-20 min. prior.


Monday, May 13, 2013

Messy Monday: DIY Fabric Refresher

I love the scent of downy Unstopables. but I don't always use them in my laundry. To me, it's just too overpowering on certain things. 

The solution, a DIY fabric refresher! You can use it on clothes, furniture, rugs & more.

How To:
•hot water
•fabric crystals (that's technically what you call them, right?)
•baking soda

•Combine all ingredients in desired amounts into a spray bottle. Shake. Spray. Inhale. Exhale. Repeat

*You can also use fabric softener in place of the crystals.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Simple Sunday: Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's Day gifts from Paige, love them all! I also got many "Happy Mother's Day, Mom", from Damien & extra hugs & kisses from Hayden. Couldn't have asked for anything more (except maybe that maid, LOL).

Wishing all of the mothers a very Happy Mother's Day!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Snacktastic Saturday: Ham & Cheese Crescent Roll-Ups

Ever notice how sometimes you're in the mood for a snack a bit more...savory? But of course it has to be quick & easy to prepare. If it takes you an hour, it may as well be a meal. Of course this very well could be too, at least for a lunch.

Simply place a thin layer of ham & some cheese on your crescent roll before rolling & bake as usual. I used smoked cheddar for two reasons, I love it & I wasn't in the mood for melty cheese. But use whatever cheese you prefer.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Fun Friday: DIY Organizer

Know what this is?
The answer: Scrapbook paper, 2 cereal boxes & a whole lot of glue! And can you believe I did it all without a ruler? (Me, who can't draw a straight line with a ruler.)
The only trouble I ran into, were the inside sides. I cut my angles the wrong way for the right, so when I fixed it my stripes went horizontal. But it's OK, I'll do better on the next one!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Think It Thursday: Recipe Themes

I've been giving some serious thought to doing a recipe theme on occasion. Just once every couple of months though. But of course in addition to all of my regular posts.

I think for the first, I'll center it around an ingredient. Like pineapple. It's the perfect time of year for a pineapple recipe. Or seven.

What do you think, does it sound like a yummy idea to you?

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Work It Wednesday: Sole Society

I love a cute pair of shoes! But when you have wide feet like me, shoe shopping can be a bit depressing at times. Those cute Gladiator Espadrilles, not a chance. Sexy Stiletto Peep Toes, don't even think about it. But sometimes, there comes along a shoe that is a bit more cooperative. Like Sarah.

you may remember me blogging about Sole Society when I was reviewing my Holiday VoxBox from Influenster. (If not, you can read it here.) Now imagine how excited I was when i found out I was a brand challenge winner & Influenster was going to put $50 in my Sole Society account. (Eek!)

I rushed over & began checking out every pair. They all looked a little slim, so I clicked on their live chat only to find out that none of their shoes came in a wider size. (The operator was very courteous by the way.) But I had $50 in my account & a shoe in mind. Sarah (in bark).

After a few days my shoes arrived & I was beyond thrilled that they fit! And I love the white stitching detail on the back of the heel. Sole Society offers collections (like Julianne Hough), bags & accessories. & mostly all come with helpful reviews.

Now I've got my eyes on Daphne (in bright raspberry).

**Disclaimer: I received this product for free as a badge winner from Influenster & am simply sharing my personal opinion which may vary from yours.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Potato Crusted Scrod

Once upon a time, there was a young girl who would never eat seafood. Over the years , her mother was able to get her to eat a Filet 'o Fish (smothered in tartar sauce & cheese of course). It wasn't until years later, that she finally succumbed to peer pressure from her boss & tried some scrod (among other things). She fell in love.

Of course that young girl is me. And while I do love scrod, I have yet to get too adventurous with other kinds of fish. But back to the scrod, shall we?

Served with fresh asparagus with Hollandaise sauce & cheesy rice

This is my adaptation of the scrod we served at a cafe I used to work at. It's so good that I could probably eat it a couple times a week (if I could of course).

How To:

* Tip: Start by peeling & soaking the potato in a bowl of cold water for at least an hour

•potato, peeled, soaked & grated 
•lemon pepper seasoning
•white cooking wine
•coarse sea salt, ground black pepper & dried parsley flakes
•nonstick cooking spray

•Spray a glass baking dish with nonstick cooking spray
•Add fish & sprinkle with lemon pepper seasoning & paprika
•Top with grated potatoes (Don't be afraid to mound them)
•Sprinkle white cooking wine (just a splash), coarse sea salt, ground black pepper & dried parsley flakes over top
•Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven for 15-20 minutes or until potatoes just begin to brown slightly

Please excuse my lack of measurements, after all, you should be used to that by now.


Monday, May 6, 2013

Messy Monday: DIY Glass Cleaner

If there was one household chore I despised the most, it would be cleaning glass. Windows, as a matter of fact. I always end up with more streaks than I began with. (The thought of it all makes me want to break out in hives.) But now i finally found the solution to my problem!

How To:
•1/2 C. water
•1/2 C. white vinegar
•1 tsp. dish soap (like Dawn)
Stir to combine, pour into a spray bottle & be amazed!

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Simple Sunday: Birthday Celebrations

Today was far from simple. Slightly chaotic with two birthday parties. The first was at Chuck-e-Cheese & the second was a swim party at the local Rec Center. But boy did the kids have fun!

Paige, just hanging around.

Damien, riding the roller coaster. The was the only time he was still enough for me to take a picture. (He jumped out immediately after.)

Hayden, enjoying some cake. can you tell?

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Snacktastic Saturday: Club Sandwich

When you're still unpacking yourself & you help a friend move, you can build up quite the appetite. So this snack is mighty! And coincidentally can also be served as the main course for lunch (& dinner too).

How To:

•ham, turkey & bacon
•cheddar cheese (smoked is a fave in our house)
•lettuce & tomato
•toasted croissant

Pile it all up, grab a napkin & take a big bite!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Fun Friday: Upcycling Crayons

If you have kids, chances are you have a lot of crayons. And if you have a toddler that likes to snap them in half like I do, you have even more. Of course kids will always go for the longer crayons first, leaving countless others to be looked over. Unless you do a bit of upcycling.

 Just take your broken (or unused crayons), place them in a silicone sheet (like the kind made for chocolates), & pop them in a 250 degree oven till they look like they're pretty well melted. I think mine were in about 15 minutes or so. Just be sure you let them cool all the way to harden before you pop them out.

Next break out the coloring pages & have fun!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mompact Giveaway & My Embarrassing Moment Submission

Being a Saline Ambassador for Boogie Wipes is, well...awesome! Not only do I get to share my love of a great product, but do it on another level by actually sharing Boogie Wipes (along with a few other cool things).

But I also get a heads up on some great things. Like Boogie Wipes teaming with Mompact for an amazing giveaway! 

 Be sure to head over here & fill out the rafflecopter form, for a chance to win a share of over $1000 in prizes! (And let me tell you, moms know what moms like.) And don't forget to share your "real mom" story! Those are the best part if you ask me.

My Embarrassing Submission:

Of course I remember this day vividly. It was the day we rushed Paige, 9 months at the time, to the hospital (for Kawasaki Disease we later found out.)

We had thought a strange rash Paige had, was from a spider bite or a sensitivity to a new laundry detergent. Solution: Rewash everything in the old detergent & set off bug bombs on every floor of our townhouse apartment. So while we had to evacuate, we met up with family at Longhorn Steakhouse.

I wasn't really hungry then, so I just got something small. Chili, actually. Complete with plenty of jalapenos, onions, cheese, sour cream & hot sauce. (Yum!)

Fast forward to the emergency room a few hours later. The nurses needed to start an IV. But of course little babies have super powers & are insanely strong, so back-up was needed. Now every other time they'd "be right back", it was a good 10-15 minutes. So when that delicious chili caught up with me, I let it rip. Well, what do you know! The nurses really were right back!

Usually everyone would just ignore the awful stench, right? Uh, no. far from it actually. These nurses started going on about how my baby had awful gas. But from my frazzled emotional state, I quickly grabbed some perfume from my purse & started spraying while apologizing profusely.

When I heard, "Oh honey", I knew I had it coming. I had 3 nurses schooling me about never, ever, ever claiming the blame when someone else thinks it's the baby. I'm pretty sure that was the most mortifying part of it all. But...lesson learned & I never fessed up again.

Think It Thursday: Recycling

Seriously, think about it. What will the environment be like when your kids grow up? What about your kids kids? We need to do what we can to help sustain at least part of the world we live in today.

Recycling is a small change in our routines that can make a huge impact. And it's easy to do!

Most local recycling centers take #1 & #2 plastics, glass, aluminum & cardboard/papers. Just remove lids (if necessary), sort & place ion respective bins. It really is that easy. 

Fun Facts:
• Aluminum cans can be recycled into: soda cans, pie plates, license plates, thumbtacks, aluminum foil, and many other items.

• PET plastic can be recycled into: clothing, fiberfill for sleeping bags, toys, stuffed animals, rulers and more. 

• Glass can be recycled into jars, jewelry, bottles, dishes, drinking glasses, coffee mugs and many other items.