Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Fast Metabolism Diet Book Review

We all know there seems to be a million different diets out there at any given time. Mostly fads. Some are just...insane (to put it bluntly). So what happens with those? Quick loss, followed by slow gain. Pointless. But how about a "diet" that isn't actually a diet? Yep, that's the part that intrigued me too.

Let's jump ahead a bit, when you exercise, you can't keep doing the same workouts every day. You have to switch it up to keep your muscles guessing. Celebrity Nutritionist & Wellness Consultant, Haylie Pomroy, discovered the same to be true with your metabolism. When you keep it guessing in a deliberate manner, it speeds up & becomes more effective.

In The Fast Metabolism Diet you learn to unwind stress, unlock stored fat & unleash the burn by eating certain foods at certain times (phases). And the best part, aside from the lists of available foods (preferably all organic if possible), are the recipes. And I'm not talking about 1 or 2 for each phase. We're talking whole meal plans here people! You can even map them out yourself in the book.

And while I haven't full committed myself to it yet, I can see what the difference will be. Not to mention feeling better & being more energized. I'm hoping to give it a try soon though now that the local Farmer's Market will be open (I still have a budget to keep).

So what do you think about it, would you give it a shot for 20 lbs. in 28 days?

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