Monday, June 10, 2013

Messy Monday: DIY Dryer Sheets

I'll admit, sometimes I miss the rinse cycle when I'm doing laundry (who doesn't from time to time). But my washer doesn't have an automatic dispenser & I'm not a fan of the Downy ball (not since I had one break while my washer was running). So, seeing as how I make my own fabric softener, it's only fitting I make my own dryer sheets too.

How To:

•1/3C. vinegar
•1/3C. fabric softener (for that fresh scent)
•1C. warm water
•old washcloths (I used old baby ones)
•container with a tight fitting lid

•Mix all liquid ingredients in container.
•Add rags, making sure each one evenly soaks up the softener mixture.

To Use:

•Thoroughly wring out rag to remove excess liquid & place in dryer with laundry.
•When done, return to container & re-soak. If you do not have enough softener mixture to do so, you can set aside to add when a new batch is made.

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