Saturday, June 15, 2013

Snacktastic Saturday: Homemade Plain Yogurt

I'm a bit obsessed with yogurt. Especially Greek yogurt. And the ones that come with all the extra goodies to add. I could eat them all day long, seriously. But of course my family can't survive with me alone eating yogurt. So I did what any food loving mom would do...I figured out how to make my own.
Doesn't that look delicious?! I assure you, it was. Creamy yogurt topped with shredded coconut, chopped almonds & mini chocolate chips. That's the cool thing about plain yogurt, you can change the flavor every time depending on what you add to it. 
How To:

•1/2 gal. whole milk
•1 small container (single serving size) plain Greek yogurt
 •2 heavy bath towels

•Start by adding the milk to your Crock-Pot & cooking on LOW for 3 hours.
•Without removing the lid, turn off & unplug your Crock-Pot & allow to sit for an additional 3 hours.
•Remove 2C. of the warm milk & place in a medium sized bowl, add Greek yogurt & stir to combine.
•Return Greek yogurt mixture to Crock-Pot & stir to combine.
•Replace lid & thoroughly wrap Crock-Pot in bath towels (for insulation), allow to sit for 8-10 hours.

*Will keep in refrigerator for up to 10 days.
**Save 2/3C. as a starter for a new batch.

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