Monday, June 17, 2013

Messy Monday: DIY Wallpaper Remover

We're knee deep in our little bathroom remodel, but of course there's nothing "little" about it. What started out as a chair rail border (and an upper border visible underneath the paint), has turned into a bit of a nightmare. I'm talking layer after layer of paint, wallpaper & border.

Most people would probably just throw in the towel & cover it all up with fresh drywall. But I'd rather put my money towards a new sink (I've got my eye on a pedestal one). And while it doesn't work on the paint (thank goodness only one layer is being stubborn), I've come up with a killer wallpaper remover solution.

How To:

•warm water
•fabric softener
•dish soap (like Dawn or something close to it)

•Mix in equal parts, warm water, fabric softener & vinegar in spray bottle.
•Add a couple squirts (judge amount by the size of your bottle) of dish soap.
•Replace nozzle & shake well.
•Spray on wallpaper & allow to sit for a few minutes before scraping.



  1. Worked awesome, thank you so much!

  2. Is the liquid fabric softner, a critical component? i dont have any, but need to try something. have cercia 1970's paper in a upstairs room