Thursday, June 6, 2013

Think It Thursday: Father's Day Gift Ideas

Father's Day is Sunday June 16th!
Can you believe there's only 10 days to find the perfect gift for Dad, Grandpa, Hubby or any other special guy in your life? Although the term "perfect" varies for everyone of course.

From an Adult:

• Remember that adorable picture of you & your Dad or Grandpa when you were growing up? Print it out on whatever you'd like; a canvas, mug  or even a pillow. (Cap That has some unique products to personalize with pictures.) 

• They say a man's stomach leads to his heart, so a special meal just for them with all of their favorite trimmings is always good.

•What do you get a man that has everything? More of everything of course! Scour the internet for the newest doodads & must haves. (Uncommon Goods is a great eco-friendly site that has...everything!)

From a Child:

• Remember the bedtime story Dad or Grandpa would read to the little one(s)? Make a recording of them reading it for him.

•Art is always great! Have your little Picasso paint or sculpt a Father's Day masterpiece.

•Seed starters are great for the avid gardener. Don't forget to have your little one help take care of it & then harvest it into a yummy treat.

And of course don't forget to go out as a family. Hit up Grandpa's favorite fishing spot & then catch a game with Dad. Just remember to make the day about them. 

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