Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Work It Wednesday: Go Glam With A Sock Bun

For those that don't know, which most don't because I always have it up, I have very long hair. Like down to the small of my back long. So to keep it out of my way & to prevent it from getting tangled, I generally pull it up in a twist bun. You know, when you twist the length of your hair, wrap it around & secure it with a scrunchie. But it seems the longer my hair is, the more it falls down. So I attempt to pull it tighter & usually end up stretching the elastic out in my scrunchies. At least one goes to scrunchie heaven every week. And I usually get a headache.

Now I've hopped on the sock bun bandwagon. Not only does it stay better, but it looks a million times better! Actually, I think I've seen it on a red carpet or two. But the best part, is how insanely simple it is! 

I found this awesome tutorial on YouTube that shows how simple it really is. I just do a couple of things different....

 •When I'm rolling my hair, I turn the sock bun too. It seems to give it better coverage. Sometimes it can get a bit too loose that way, but all you have to do is stretch your arms up to make it more taut & start rolling/turning again.
•I don't do the hair tie to secure it, I use bobby pins. All 5 that I own.


  1. I Love my sock bun! I paid 64 cents for it on Amazon haha

    1. LOL! I used an old sock that I loved but would never stay up. Now I love it even more!