Monday, October 21, 2013

Simple Sunday: All Ready for The Cinderella Ball

* Of course I was in cleaning mode all day & decided to blog in the evening. Too bad my internet decided to go out then. So I'm late, but that's OK. 

Here's Paige, all ready for her Cinderella Ball at school. Every year they have a daddy daughter dance at the elementary school called the Cinderella Ball. The high school drama members dress up as royalty & treat all the girls like queens. This year, we decided that separates would be best since last year she wore her dress just for the dance & that was it (it's way too early to start that trend). So we went with a white tee & leggings, navy blue skirt & a blue & white striped headband to cover her school colors that she insisted on wearing. Then she picked out this pretty coral sweater for a pop of color (all from Old Navy) & accessorized with a necklace she had gotten as a gift one year.

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