Monday, October 14, 2013

Messy Monday: Morning Cleaning Tips

Whether you work during the day or stay home with the kids, we all have some sort of a schedule to keep. And let's face it, no one likes to be greeted with a dirty house later in the day. So here's just a few tips to make it all a bit more manageable. The best part, you can knock them out in no time first thing in the morning.

• Clean up the kitchen - Whether you left a mess from the night before or you have a hubs that makes a mess getting ready for work in the morning (I have the latter), wash up or put away what you can in the couple minutes that you're getting your coffee & breakfast ready.

•Do the laundry - Be sure to switch over loads or even sort all of your loads so you can tackle it in the P.M.

•Pick up the toys - Regardless of whose they are (the kids, dog, hubs or yours), gather them all in a basket & set aside so you can put it all away later. Just having it all up from where they were can motivate you to put them away in no time later.

•Make your bed - I don't know why, but a made bed feels like such an accomplishment. It must be because those ruffled sheets are more inviting, making you want to just lay down & drift off to dreamland. Yea, you don't have time for that! 

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