Friday, October 25, 2013

Fun Friday: Toilet Paper Pumpkins

After my Toilet Paper Mummy last week, I figured a pumpkin would be pretty easy to pull off too.

I happened to have some black silky material & some cream colored fabric in my craft stash. Perfect! I just laid the fabric flat, set the toilet paper roll in the middle, pulled the fabric in & tucked it into the roll. I did happen to pull the fabric out just a bit so that it didn't look like a roll of toilet paper wrapped in fabric. (I'm giving them a complex, I know.) The black one has a piece of unrolled raffia for the stem & the cream one has a piece that fell off of a Thanksgiving pumpkin decoration years ago. (Now that I actually have it out I might fix it this year.) 

And of course I have these pumpkins conveniently placed...on the back of the toilet. 

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