Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Cream Cheese & Nutella Crepes

I have been on a Crepe kick lately. So when my kids asked what was for breakfast this past weekend, I decided to look for an excuse to make them again. Low & behold, the jar of Nutella suddenly had a bright light shining down on it & I heard singing. Yep, my kids were singing & playing with their new flashlights, but I totally took it as a sign!

Cream Cheese & Nutella Crepes 

•cream cheese
•vanilla extract
•2 eggs
 •1C. all purpose flour
•1/2C. water
•1/2C. milk
•2Tbsp. melted butter or margarine
•1/4tsp. salt
•nonstick cooking spray
•powdered sugar for garnish
 -Combine desired amounts of Nutella & cream cheese in small mixing bowl. Mix on low speed until thoroughly combined. (I used 4oz. of cream cheese & a couple spoonfuls of Nutella.)
-Add a bit of sugar & a splash of vanilla to give it a slightly sweeter taste. Don't forget to taste test! You can add more Nutella, cream cheese, sugar or vanilla if need be.
-Set bowl aside in the refrigerator for flavors to blend while you prepare the crepes.
-In a larger mixing bowl, whisk eggs before adding flour, water, milk, butter or margarine & salt. Stir to thoroughly combine. (Mixture will be smooth.)
-In a medium (or large if you prefer) nonstick skillet, lightly spray nonstick cooking spray & heat over med.-high heat.
-Add crepe mixture 1/4C. at time. Quickly remove pan from the heat, slowly turn the pan in a circular motion so the mixture evenly coats the entire bottom. When you no longer see the mixture moving, replace pan over heat.
-After a couple minutes, slightly jerk the pan to see if the crepe moves, if so carefully flip it.
-Cook other side of crepe for 1-2 min. & remove from pan. Repeat process with remaining batter.
-To assemble, lightly spread Nutella cream cheese over one side of the crepe. Fold in quarters & sprinkle with powdered sugar for garnish.
-Enjoy & welcome to my newest obsession, crepes. Don't forget to say "hello" to my other obsessions, Nutella & cream cheese.


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  1. My daughter would love these...never thought of using Nutella in crepes...