Monday, March 3, 2014

Snacktastic Saturday: Baked Sweet Potato Fries

French fries are always better for you when they're baked instead of fried. But for a new twist, you have got to try baked sweet potato fries. 

I'll admit that the fried counterpart gives it more of that crispy french fry taste, but these aren't too shabby. Oh who am I kidding, they're downright delicious!

*Remember to use desired amounts.

•sweet potatoes
•nonstick cooking spray
•olive oil
•seasoned salt

- Start by peeling & rinsing the sweet potatoes.
- Slice into stick shapes, thin for more of a crispy fry & thick for a heartier fry.
-Spray a baking dish or pan with nonstick cooking spray.
- Place sweet potato fries in dish & drizzle with olive oil.
- Sprinkle with seasoned salt & bake in a preheated 475ยบ oven.
- Bake until done (time will depend on thickness of fries), adding more olive oil & seasoned salt as needed. 
- Serve plain, with cinnamon butter or ranch dressing. 


1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the how to on this one. I also love them dusted with cinnamon sugar when I have a sweet tooth!