Monday, March 24, 2014

Work It Wednesday: Rotate Your Workouts

I know you've been there before. You  find a workout routine you love, whether it's running or a fitness DVD, & you think it loves you too because you are definitely seeing some advantages from the relationship. But then, you notice a change. Sure, you're still spending tons of time with your workout, but the chemistry just isn't there anymore. So of course you end up bitter & vow to never spend quality time with that workout again. Now that's a bad breakup. But you should know, it's not your workout, it's YOU!

OK, so relating a workout to a relationship might not be the best of things. But you have to admit there are a few similar characteristics. The only thing is that monogamy is definitely not good when it comes to working out. Monogamy is monotonous, which leads to boredom. A.k.a. - the kiss of death to your workout relationship.

Rotating different workouts into your fitness regime, not only keeps it from boring yourself into failure, but it also helps to continuously challenge your body (a.k.a. - burn more calories). But don't forget that your body does need time to repair itself in between strenuous workouts. That doesn't necessarily mean that you get a rest day, more like a "take it easy" day. 

I don't have certain workouts I do on certain days (even though I really should), but I do have quite a variety. I like to mix up several workout DVD's (& even a few VHS) that are great for cardio, with hula, yoga, running, the basics (crunches, push-ups, squats, etc.) along with just dancing. Think Honey I Shrunk the Kids where she's dancing while sweeping the kitchen. Yep, that's totally me! But with all of that, I don't get bored & neither does my body. (Score!)

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