Monday, March 17, 2014

Think It Thursday: Kiss Me, I'm Irish! (Not Really)

Kiss me, I'm Irish! Actually I'm not, but I do love St. Patrick's Day. And with Easter not immediately after, we really get the chance to show off our inner...Irish-ism. 

Now I don't go all out & dress head to toe in green, but a little bit (preferably a shirt) is a must. Corned beef & cabbage...must. Soda bread...must. Shamrock shake...must. Leprechaun hunt...must. Paper shamrocks...must. And of course there's Boondock Saints & a nightcap of some sorts with Irish Cream something or other, after the kids go to bed (usually it's just decaf coffee with some creamer). So I might as well be Irish, right? At least on St. Patrick's Day. 


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