Thursday, March 6, 2014

Warrior Poet Clothier & a Spring Cleaning Giveaway!

**Disclaimer: I have received products to try from Warrior Poet Clothier & am simply sharing my personal opinion which may vary from yours. I was not compensated for this review.

We've all heard the saying that "the clothes make the man", but at Warrior Poet Clothier, they really do. Warrior Poets are balanced, stronger than most & more thoughtful than most. Natural leaders who posses wisdom & courage. They strive to save the day & love to the fullest. They are chivalrous knights, fearless samurai's & your sons. 

At Warrior Poet Clothier, their crusade is "Building Armor with a Flare for the Next Generation of Men". They want these young men to go farther, dream bigger & look good doing it. I don't think I've ever considered a clothing company as a role model before. Actually, I know I haven't. Until now. 

Positive messages aside, their clothing holds its ground alone. Short sleeve & long sleeve shirts, as well as hoodies, are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 2T-L (boys).

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Damien had the pleasure of wearing the "Boarrring" short sleeve t-shirt (retail $35), which quickly became a favorite. You know how it goes, as soon as you wash it, they have to wear it. I asked him why he loved it so much & he said "because it's orange & it's extra super comfy". I couldn't argue with him, it is orange & it really does look comfy. 

Made with 100% top quality combed cotton, the design on the tee is made with sustainable water based inks. Which means that there will be no cracking or peeling, even after numerous washings. 

The label is screen printed, foregoing the standard tags that can drive us crazy. What I love even more though, is that the washing instructions are clearly stated in large bold print. 

I also love the reverse cross-stitch hem. Actually, it was the first thing I noticed. And I know it doesn't really look like it, but it even has a lycra infused rib knit collar. 

Warrior Poet Clothier even made sure to use those little golden safety pins for their tags instead of those plastic strings that a majority of the population rip out & run the risk of damaging the clothing (myself included). 

With such careful construction & attention to detail, you're obviously wondering how it holds up in the wash. It looks as good as new in a cold water wash & low tumble dry setting. Well, new & loved (it does get worn roughly every 3-4 days after all).

Warrior Poet Clothier has given the readers of Smith and Blessings the chance to enjoy 30% OFF! Simply enter the code BL-Smith at checkout on their webstore.

But the generosity doesn't stop there!

The 6 styles are those pictured above: Chevron Icon, Lightening Shield, Keeping Things Private, I've Got Your Back, Sheriff Guitar, and Tomahawk.

6 selected t-shirt styles are listed in the Warrior Poet Armory for Spring Cleaning 2014. Use the code WP-Tee4Free during checkout, to get one t-shirt for FREE & just pay the shipping & handling. But hurry, they're Spring Cleaning their stock so it's a first come, first serve basis on the selected styles & sizes. 

Don't forget, if you can't grab one of the Spring Cleaning tees, look to see what else is in their webstore & use the 30% off code above. 

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  1. My son and I love Warrior Poet! They're such unique designs and the way the shirt is made is great.

  2. My two youngest boys would love these shirts.Their older brother would approve of these cool styles too

  3. These would be perfect for my son! Adorable. He loves stuff like this!

  4. My sons love the shirts from Warrior Poet! I am taking advantage of this great deal!

  5. They are a unique design. I'll have to check them out with the great coupon being offered. Thanks!

  6. These look like really quality shirts. I like stitching as well.

  7. I sure do like the material of those shirts. They look comfy and look to have a quality style to them.

  8. It's nice, and it looks really soft. Soft is a big bonus with shirts. :)

  9. Great clothing, love the colors and the fabric looks really quality!

  10. I love that they're made of 100% cotton. My youngest can only wear cotton clothing so that's always something nice to hear. Great review.

  11. I love that super cute shirt. My little boy would look awesome in it.

  12. Brushed cotton is so soft so I love the line of T-shirts they make. The designs on the T-shirts are attractive too

  13. I haven't heard of this company before. Cool clothes!

  14. I love when companies care enough about their clothing not to use those plastic tags. The safety pins are easy to remove & can be reused so its a double score. These little shirts do look quite comfy & I'm with your little one, orange is great color :-)

    Kellie The Shoe Diva

  15. Nice shirt and it looks like it has that soft vintage feel!