Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Messy Monday: DIY Oven Cleaner

I have a self cleaning oven & I loathe it. Which doesn't work out very well when I'm constantly having something spill out & make a mess when I'm using it. (Sweet potatoes & Monkey Bread goo are the worst.) I just don't see the point in using the feature when it makes the house smell like you're spraying oven cleaner everywhere anyways. And then there's the whole thing of having your oven locked for a few hours...

What a difference! But ignore my rushed wiping job (hence all the white streaks), that's what happens when your power-napping 2 yr old wakes up. And I realize now that I should've removed the racks on my before picture. Maybe I'll edit that with a new picture in a few days when I have something else burnt to the bottom, LOL.
 Good thing I have my own cleaner that works even better & in a fraction of the time.

•Remove racks & set aside.
•Sprinkle generously with baking soda, making sure to avoid the heating coil.
•Turn oven on to 250º & heat baking soda for 20 min.
•Turn oven off , carefully squeeze vinegar from a rag or sponge over baking soda & allow to sit for 5 min.
•Scrub mixture over oven surface & wipe up with a damp rag.


  1. Was just thinking I need to clean my oven too. Will definitely have to try this!

  2. Simple guide. However, I am sure it wouldn't be simple if I was to try it... I am embarrassed to say but, my oven is far my soiled than yours :-(.

    I have just been searching Google using terms like oven cleaner sheffield (which is the city where I live) to get a company to just to it for me. Maybe I will hold off that idea for now and just give your little guide a go first. Now where is my baking soda???