Monday, December 23, 2013

Down to Earth Handmade Products: Shaving Soap

Shaving. If you're a woman, it's just part of life. Especially in the warmer months. But I'll admit, I despise shaving my legs. I'm either in a huge hurry & nick myself or my shaving cream just doesn't like me. 

The owner & creator of Down to Earth Handmade Products was kind enough to send me some Shaving Soap to try after my curiosity got the best of me. Which I am so glad it did!

There was just a bit if Shaving Soap that made it's way out of the bottle during shipping, therefore just a bit of bleeding on the label.

This Shaving Soap is like a shaving cream, soap & lotion in one! I opted for an unscented version since I usually go for the sensitive skin formulas when shaving my legs. But there are a handful of scents including Sweet Vanilla & lemongrass that I think I might have to get.

With the appearance of a liquid soap I started to wonder how good this was really going to work. Especially since it's far from the creams & lathers I'm used to when shaving. The first swipe of my razor I realized I was applying way too much pressure, even though it was the same amount as always. So I lightened up & finished, expecting to feel a bunch of stubble & missed spots when I ran my hand over.

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I was shocked! No stubble & no missed spots! Then I realized it was just like what my dentist told me about brushing my teeth - you don't have to apply so much pressure to get the job done. Even though I never realized that's what I had been doing. 

I was even more shocked that I didn't have any stubble the next morning. It was the closest shave I think I've ever had, with no nicks or irritations.

Down to Earth handmade Products are just that, handmade with 100% essential oils, waxes & other earth derived ingredients. And with products like lip balms, soaps, deodorants & even jewelry (to name a few), there's something for everyone.

All products are paraben free, cruelty free, vegan & natural. Down to Earth handmade Products is recognized by PETA & a member of the Humane Society as well as a member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild.

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**Disclaimer: I received these products to try from Down to Earth Handmade Products & am simply sharing my personal opinion which may vary from yours. I was not compensated for this review.


  1. Sounds like some really great products! Thanks for sharing.

  2. How wonderful! My legs are always so dry after I shave, this would be great!

  3. I love products like these, thanks for sharing. =)

  4. I love natural products - there is so much JUNK in most of the others. I'll have to look this one up and try it out!! Great post!

  5. Looks like a great product! I love that it doesn't have any harmful crap in it.