Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Work It Wednesday: Benefits of a Plank

Of course I had to go over to Instagram to get a great plank picture. From none other than Brittnae Giesau, who highly recommended them to me a while back. Her picture alone highlights the areas that benefit from such a seemingly simple exercise. But to do it properly, you have to have your body aligned (see how Brittnae's is?) which can take a bit of practice. But practice or not, it's well worth it! 

Here's some more great benefits from doing a plank exercise...

Flexibility - When doing a plank, you're getting a great stretch in. Particularly around the shoulder region, hamstrings & even your feet!

Aesthetics - Planks activate the core muscles that help stabilize your hips & spine. Which in turn helps to improve your posture.

Mental State - A plank can help stretch muscles that commonly contribute to stress & tension. Other brain calming benefits may include suppressing anxiety & helping symptoms of depression.

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