Monday, August 26, 2013

Messy Monday: DIY Carpet Deodorizer

With three small kids it doesn't take much  for my carpets to smell a bit...funky. And it should come as no surprise that although I do love the scents of store bought carpet deodorizers, I'm not a fan of using them. To me they never seem like they thoroughly sweep up. And I swear (this is where the hubs gives me that crazy look because he knows what I'm going to say next), I can feel it on my feet! It just feels...different.

•1/2C. baking soda
•1/2C. Borax
•1Tbsp. cinnamon or other ground spice (can also use 25-30 drops essential oil)

-Mix all ingredients together in a container you an easily shake from.
-Sprinkle onto carpet & allow to sit for 15 minutes before sweeping.


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  1. This is very interesting. Thank you for sharing this. Carpets are really a challenge to clean, especially when they are peed on by animals or when they are soiled by the kids. This will be very helpful, especially for moms who want to save money.
    Barry Chavez