Thursday, August 22, 2013

Think It Thursday: Balancing School Schedules

Tonight I had a mandatory meeting at the school, going over everything for Damien to start Pre-K. He'll be in the afternoon class starting next Wednesday. The afternoon part may sound a bit odd to some people, but I managed to get him into the county Pre-K at the local elementary school.

Soon I'll be balancing what will seem like a million different things. At least at first. We already have the bus schedule for the elementary school & soccer practice two nights a week. Soon we'll add Pre-K drop-off & pick up to the mix, but only until the bus schedule kicks in (one of the advantages of a county Pre-K & an awesome school district). Then the school decided to have an early out day almost every month (for teacher workshops without the need of subs). While this effects the elementary, it will not effect the Pre-K classes. But then there's the days that there is no Pre-K for the same reason, but the elementary students are still in school. 

See, there's going to have to be some changes in schedules that I wasn't anticipating. For starters, Hayden (the little diva), will need her nap time adjusted accordingly so that there's no hitches on any day that someone gets out early. 

I just hope I don't get my school calendars mixed up (or lost). But until then, Damien gets to enjoy a little bit more of summer before his Pre-K starts. Even though I'm pretty sure he can't wait. After all, he's packed his "lunch" for school next week about 10 times in the past two days alone. Note to self: buy more juice boxes since his packed lunches always seem to have empty juice boxes in them. 

Damien, enjoying the last few days of summer break!

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