Friday, August 16, 2013

Dr. Scholl's® For Her High Heel Insoles

It's summer (even though it may not feel like it where you are), the season for cute sandals. And since I'm barely 5'4", I insist on heels most of the time. But being a SAHM of three & wearing my favorite pair of sandals all day could be likely comparable to some sort of "mom induced torture". You know what I'm talking about, when you forgo comfort for style. We're entitled to it every now & then, right? Of course having comfort & style would be better.

Dr. Scholl's For Her High Heel Insoles are specifically meant to be worn with heels 2" or higher. (Yes, heels. you read that right.) These insoles fit comfortably in your shoes & drastically help to relieve tired, achy feet. Which means I get to wear those favorite heels quite often now!

I know, you want to know why they work so well. The main reason being the ultra-soft cushion that shifts the pressure away from the ball of your foot. And the less pressure on the ball of your foot means less aches & pains. And those "massaging gel waves" help a little bit too you know.

So don't be afraid of what your feet usually feel like at the end of the day. Now you can grab your favorite heels & go! 

**Disclaimer: I received this product to try from Influenster & am simply sharing my personal opinion which may vary from yours. I was not compensated for this review.

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