Thursday, April 25, 2013

Think It Thursday: What's In Your Purse?

I have a big black Fossil purse that seems to swallow everything. So I decided to dump it out & see what all was in it. And I suppose to clean it out a bit too.

For the record, my purse was actually on the lighter side. It gets loaded up with cups, extra snacks & books for the kids when we're going somewhere.

•makeup bag with necessities like sunscreen, feminine products, neosporin, band-aids, hair ties & facial cleansing wipes (to name a small handful)
•wallet (stuffed with receipts)
•diaper, pull-up & baby wipes
•2 pigs, 1 bear & a truck
•Boogie Wipes (can't leave home without them!)
•Kandoo foaming hand sanitizer (another can't leave home without it!)
• gc's & a printout for a free something from Panera
•Always Radiant pouch filled with loose change
•pens, pens & more pens!
•lip glosses, hand lotion & eos lip balm
•2 pairs of sunglasses (1 is in a pouch)
•pouch for my phone (what do you think I took the picture with?)
•hair tie for Paige & socks for Hayden (the girls will ditch these the moment they can so I always have to have extras)
•nail file
•Luna bar 
•pen light (pink for breast cancer awareness)
•Oral-B brush-ups (wonder how old those are) & dental floss
•GPS case
•ticket stubs from my cousins high school spring performance (he played "Beast" in Beauty & the Beast)
•Coke bottle cap (for my Coke Rewards)
•a binky (that I have been looking for!)

I think that's everything (as if it needs to be more.) And even though I know that's a lot, most is essential. At least for my sanity it is. No wonder the hubs calls it "Mom's suitcase" (as he shoves things in it...)

What's in your purse? 

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