Friday, April 19, 2013

Fun Friday: Upcycled Bird Feeder

I've always thought about making an upcycled bird feeder, but today I finally followed through with it. My nephew made one at school some time ago out of a Gatorade bottle. Which probably would have worked out much better than my giant (yet flimsy) 2 liter bottle. The end result looks good, but I may need to experiment with different materials & a different way to cut the holes (I just used a sturdy steak knife).

You can get the gist of it from the picture. However, I did make the holes slightly larger by moving the spoons around once I had it hung up so that the seeds would come out a bit. I didn't want to do it before & have bird seed falling into my eye while I was balancing on the porch rail (in the wind I might add).

The best part was that the younger two kiddos had fun helping make this. Well, Hayden did get a bit upset when I wouldn't let her eat the seeds, but she got over it when I gave her the funnel we used to help fill it.

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