Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Work It Wednesday: Start the Year Off Right Workout

I'm sure a million & one people made the resolution to exercise daily or near daily. And of course most probably threw in "for at least an hour" or "at the gym with my new membership", but not me. Actually I don't make resolutions per se, more like goals, both long term & short term. Of course one of them is to get fit (& do some yoga everyday, but that's beside the point), so a little exercise helps. 

After searching for a good 30 min. or so, I found just what I was looking for! 

From Fitness2Business

Jana from Fitness2Business has the best challenge for someone like me. Comprised of just three exercises & one rest day a week, it's super easy to squeeze this workout into my mostly hectic days. Not to mention it would be easy to repeat every month, just increasing the starting number of reps at the beginning & from then on. 

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