Thursday, January 16, 2014

Work It Wednesday: Keeping Your Hair Static Free

Static strikes again! Only this time it's in your hair. Which makes you look like you're a walking science experiment, only you don't have your hand on an electrostatic machine. Luckily, I have some helpful tips that I rely on during the dry winter months.

•Wash every other least. This allows your hair to retain some of it's natural oils & therefore counteract with the electricity. Absolutely need to "wash" your hair in between? Try a dry shampoo (learn how to make your own here). 

•Are you a stickler for shampooing into a lather daily? Try rubbing a dab of hair oil, mousse or even gel throughout your tresses to help weigh them down. Just be sure you don't overdo it & end up looking like a greasy mess.

•Maintain moisture. Whether you're using a moisturizing shampoo, leave-in conditioner or a weekly hot oil treatment. It doesn't matter as long as your hair is getting that extra moisture. Even sleeping with a humidifier on helps. 

•A little spray goes a long way. Spraying a bit of anti-static spray on your brush before brushing dry hair helps keep static electricity at bay. Not too keen on that idea, just stick to a light misting of water instead. 

•Dryer sheets are for the ultimate static emergency. These are nice to carry with you at all times to not only keep your clothes from sticking when you unknowingly become supercharged, but for your hair too.

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