Sunday, January 19, 2014

Original Sprout: "Worry Free Luxury"

This review has been a long time coming as they say (that is what they say, right?). But I really put Original Sprout to the test. And I have to say that this is exactly what I have been looking for, for what seems like forever! (That was a lot of for's.) You see, my oldest daughter, Paige, still has her baby fine hair. She also has a distaste for having her hair done in any way & despite my best efforts, doesn't understand why it even needs brushed more than once a day. Add it all together & it can be disastrous. Her hair was much shorter on one side from numerous knots, so her last cut was to even it all out. That was at the start of the school year & it's barely grown since.

I wasn't looking for a miracle product, but something that would help strengthen her hair & help keep it from knotting up easily. Most of the children's hair care products didn't help. But I didn't want to use adult products on her hair since I was afraid they would only damage her baby fines. 

Original Sprout was created by Inga Tritt, a mother & master stylist. Not only are the products made with safe ingredients that deliver salon quality, but the whole family can use them. 

Hair & Body Babywash

I have to say that this babywash surpassed any other babywash I have ever used on my kids. Which in a way is a shame since I'm done having babies. But I still used this on my brood & they seemed to actually enjoy it, especially when it came to washing their hair. Not only was the Hair & Body Babywash super easy to rinse out, but the couple times that they got it in their eyes, they didn't completely spaz. Don't get me wrong, there was some spazzing, but it was more of a "just because" kind of spaz. 

I used this on Paige for about a week & could notice the difference in her hair. It seemed like it had more life to it & was much easier to work with. Not to mention less knots! It was a happy mama moment for sure!

Deep Conditioner

I have almost waist length hair that can be a nightmare when I leave it down in the winter. Which means that I try to use the best conditioner to keep it manageable. And I'll admit, I was curious at how well this would work on my hair since it can be used on everyone in the family. But the results left me amazed. I could easily comb through my hair with my fingers & after it had air dried, I had no frizz. The bonus for me though, was that my hair was moisturized enough to help combat static!

Paige used the Deep Conditioner with our usual children's shampoo for a week. (I did it that way to really see the results of the conditioner alone.) Her hair had less breakage than usual & her ends seemed like they got a bit fuller. While still having less knots of course.

Natural Shampoo

I love the way the Natural Shampoo smells. Of course everything I received from Original Sprout smelled heavenly, but this one in particular made me think I was in a salon. Of course it has the quality to go with it. This shampoo is perfect for those who color their hair since it says it helps preserve color. I don't, so I can't back that up, but I can say that I loved the deep down clean. The only thing missing was someone to massage my head (LOL). 

Again, Paige used the Natural Shampoo (sans Deep Conditioner) for a week. We found that it performed just as the hair & Body Babywash had, just with a more grown up scent.

Of course Paige used the Natural Shampoo & Deep Conditioner together for a week as well, which is by far the best combination for her hair. Although her hair is still baby fine, it seems a bit fuller. It's more manageable & healthy too. And now I don't argue with her as much when she doesn't want to wear her hair up (which is never), because I know that her hair won't be full of knots by the end of the day. 

Natural Hair Gel

This Natural Hair Gel is amazing! I used it on my hair as well as on the kids. The hold was great & it didn't leave a trail of hardened hair in it's wake. I really loved the way it brought out my natural waves without even looking like I had any product in my hair. I even had several people comment about how great my hair looked, especially for being in the dead of winter.

I was really curious how this would work on Paige's baby fines, but she had the same outcome as I had on my hair.

Her hair is a bit crazy, but I made her stop in the middle of playing to snap a pic.

• Free of phthalates, phytoestrogens, soy, gluten, animal products, parabens, and propylene glycol with no added dioxanes or formaldehydes.
• Free of skin penetrators & photosensitizers (plasticizers & nanoparticles).
• Extracts are certified organic. The majority of ingredients are plant derived & from natural sources.
• Fragrances are made with naturally derived ingredients & are certified FREE of phthalates, lavender, tea tree, PG, DPG, parabens, dioxanes, benzenes, formaldehydes, acetaldehydes, styrene, toluene, chlorobenzene & glycol ethers.
• Products are vegetarian/vegan & biodegradable.
• Can be purchased online at or at a variety of health food stores & salons worldwide (not found in conventional grocery & drug store chains or big box stores).

As an added bonus, use the code TEN_PERCENT_OFF to receive 10% off your first order of Original Sprout. 

Hayden, our youngest Original Sprout! (Check out this photo on Instagram)

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**Disclaimer: I received these products to try from Original Sprout & am simply sharing my personal opinion which may vary from yours. I was not compensated for this review.


  1. I love that this is 100% vegan and natural. Great review

  2. i love that it is natural and with lavender in it I bet I would just love the scent of it!

  3. I will have to check this out. My kids are sensitive to some well known brands and it always makes my day when something comes up that they can use, so thanks for sharing!

  4. I would love to try this product. Not on a baby but my son who has some hair issues.

  5. Thanks for introducing me to this brand. I really like the packaging - it looks like it's easy to get every last drop of product out of the container.

  6. I've not heard of this brand before... This may be what my daughter needs! She refuses to let me comb her hair some days and then when the knots are there, she just screams!! Sounds like our girls are a like.

  7. Thanks for sharing, I have never heard of this brand before and it sounds like something I need to purchase for my youngest daughter. =)

  8. So being that it is free of natural scents, does it have a scent? I like the look of the label and bottle but does the product come out too fast?

    1. They are naturally scented, just not with the most common sources that could be damaging on the hair of little ones. And no, surprisingly the product doesn't come out too fast.

  9. I love all natural products and really get excited when it's for babies and up, that just means the whole family can use it and save shelf space along with the planet! Thank you!

  10. they look like happy and clean campers. love the smell of kids shampoos and soapsl

  11. This is as healthy as you can get for children when it comes to bath and body products. I would probably use this on myself too. I love the way the packaging looks as well, simepl and cute. Your chitlins hair looks soft and shiny so i think it did its job!

  12. I would have loved this when my girls were younger - they also had thin hair at first and seemed to take forever to grow - thanks for sharing!

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    Michelle F.

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  17. We have a new baby in the family, totally sharing the link w/her mama so she can check it out!