Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Cheesy Caramelized Burgers

There's a drive-in that has the best cheeseburgers ever. Whenever we go, my stomach instantly turns into a bottomless pit. I usually order 2 double cheeseburgers with the works (sometimes 3), potato teezers with a side of ranch (think tater tot meets jalapeno popper) & a large vanilla malt milkshake with extra vanilla. But in my defense, we only go about once a year, if that. I've learned to accept that, if for no other reason than I make my own version of my beloved cheeseburgers at home. (I'm still working on the potato teezers.)

•hamburger buns
•butter or margarine
•1lb. hamburger
•1/3C. brown sugar 
•cheddar cheese sauce (I like Ragu)
•onion, thinly sliced
•pickle chips (I prefer the sweet & spicy kind)
•yellow mustard

- In a nonstick skillet, butter & toast hamburger bun halves. Set aside.
- In a medium sized bowl, thoroughly mix hamburger & brown sugar. Shape into patties. 
- In the same skillet, cook patties over med-high heat until done & nicely caramelized (roughly 7-10 min.). 
- To assemble, place a hamburger patty on bun bottom & top with cheddar cheese sauce, onion slices, pickle chips & yellow mustard. Replace bun top.
- Grab a napkin & enjoy! 

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  1. That burger looks so good...I recently discovered caramelized onions...well making them on my own - I love the taste.