Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Tasty Tuesday: Chicken Fajitas

I remember growing up, my mom would buy those frozen chicken fajita kits all the time. They were so good! At least to teenage me they were. Of course adult me still loves fajitas, just not those frozen kits.

•seasoned grilled chicken (or steak if that's what floats your boat), cut into strips
•green &/or red pepper, cut into strips
•red onion, cut in half & then sliced
•margarine or olive oil
•brown sugar
•salt & pepper
•tortillas (I use this recipe & make them myself)

*Note: You can season your meat however you'd like. I usually use just a bit of taco seasoning & seasoned salt, but have been know to simply use an Italian dressing marinade as well. 

- Saute the red onion & pepper in just a bit of olive oil or margarine until tender.
- Add salt, pepper & a bit of brown sugar (try adding just a bit & then altering to your desired sweetness)
- To assemble, top chicken strips with pepper & onion mixture down the center of your tortilla. 

Hubs like to add all the regular fixings like lettuce, tomato, sour cream & cheese too. So I guess his is more like a Chicken Fajita Taco. Which is pretty good too. 


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