Friday, January 17, 2014

Think It Thursday: Staying Warm...& Sane!

With this crazy winter weather, some of the schools have had to use some snow days. Most notably was right after winter break. So what do you do to stay warm, but keep your sanity too? 

 Finger Paint Twister: Let the kids finger paint on paper plates with one color per plate. When they're dry, place them on the floor for a makeshift game of twister. To play, we use 2 dice, taping over the 5 & 6. One die is for which arm or leg & the other which color. 

Build a Fort City: Use whatever furniture you can, along with boxes, laundry baskets & every blanket you can find. Just remember the rule of thumb for this is "Go big or go...bigger!".

Obstacle Course: My downstairs has what has been dubbed as "The Race Track", which the kids seem to do a million laps a day through. So every now & then, I make good use of it. Limbo through the doorway, hands & knees crawl (complete with rags) through the kitchen (see what I did there), backwards down the hallway but don't bump into the bubble wrap walls... You get the point, fun with a clean kitchen floor!

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