Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fun Friday: Fishtail Rubberband Bracelet

My almost 8 year old, Paige, has been making those rubberband bracelets like crazy! She doesn't have the fancy loom to make the even fancier bracelets, at least not yet (once we finally have Christmas with my parents she will). Which means there's only a handful of styles she can make. But her favorite, is the Fishtail style.

Paige asked me if I could have her bracelet for my "Fun Friday" & I agreed on one condition - she had to write a little 'how to'. So the following, is by Paige.

1. First I put a rubberband on my two fingers that was twisted. 
 2. Then I put two more rubberbands on my two fingers.
3. And put the twisted one over the two rubberbands.
4. Then I added another one and put the bottom over it. 
5. Then repeat Step 4.


1 comment:

  1. My daughter has been making these as well. She got the loom maker for Christmas but chooses to make them the way your daughter does.