Thursday, November 20, 2014

Think It Thursday: Pros & Cons of Black Friday Shopping

Let me begin by saying that I have never been shopping on Black Friday before. There's just something about large groups of people going all kinds of crazy for the latest toy that deters me. Not that I changed my mind this year, but I decided to weigh out the pros & cons of Black Friday shopping. 


• Sales! Some of the sale prices are insane! I've seen quite a few 50+in. TV's on sale this year for just a couple hundred dollars. 

• The same sales sometimes start a day or two before Black Friday anyways, so most of the inventory is already gone. (At least this year a few of them did.)
There would be no sleeping Thanksgiving night in order to get the early bird deals.
• People can go all crazy like & start fights in the toy department.
• Cyber Monday has great sales too & you don't even need to leave you own house. 

Obviously the cons outweigh the pros for me, which means that I'll stick to my Cyber Monday shopping. 

Do you shop on Black Friday?

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