Thursday, November 13, 2014

Think It Thursday: Family History

Every now & then I go back to working on my family history. I'm not really getting anywhere anymore, but could if I spent some serious time on it. Of course this is just on my Grandpa's side of the family. I never really gave a thought to researching my Grandma's side, until my Aunt posted something about it on facebook. 

It seems that my Uncle had sent her some info on the Stamps Cemetery, also known as "The Witch's Graveyard".

Graves from the 1800's have two giant slabs of rock in a tent formation over the spot where the body is buried. Small triangles of stone prop up the slabs, while a headstone and smaller stone cap off the head and foot of the structure.

John Anderson Stamps & his wife, Sarah Isabelle Roberson Stamps are buried in the family cemetery in Putnam County, Tennessee (near Monterey), which dates back to, well I'm not entirely sure yet. John & Sarah Isabelle were the grandparents of Lawrence Duel Stamps, who married my great grandma, Ruth Ledbetter, who had my beloved grandma, Barbara Anne & my great uncle, Morris Duel. 

I actually remember being down in Tennessee with my grandparents for a huge family reunion, when my great uncle Morris took my cousin Joe & I for a drive in his classic car to the family cemetery. 

Now I'm interested in learning more about the Stamps family, along with all of the stories that go along with the Stamps Cemetery.

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