Saturday, November 15, 2014

Snacktastic Saturday: Simple Chicken Parmesan Pizza

Oh my goodness, this Simple Chicken Parmesan Pizza is not only incredibly simple to make, but insanely delicious too. Which makes it perfect for an afternoons snack for the family, lunch for you, or dinner when you really don't feel like putting forth an effort. 


• breaded chicken fingers
• garlic bread 
• pizza sauce
• shredded mozzarella or pizza blend cheese
• Italian seasoning
• garlic powder
• salt & pepper


• Start by cooking the breaded chicken fingers according to package instructions. 
• Prepare the garlic bread according to package instructions also, but shorten the baking time by 2-3 min. 
• Remove garlic bread from the oven & top with pizza sauce, sliced breaded chicken fingers, cheese, Italian seasoning, garlic powder, salt & pepper. 
• Return to the oven & bake for 2-3 min., before finishing off under the broiler until the cheese just begins to brown.  

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