Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Work It Wednesday: Summer's Bold Color Trend

Have you noticed some of this summer's hottest colors? They're the bold ones that seem to pop!

"Seminar Sassy", created by fleurdelove on Polyvore

I love the bold color of the skirt along with the contrasting boldness of the shoes & earrings. Everything else is understated to showcase the bright colors.

"Coral and Blue Ensemble", created by styleofe on Polyvore

This look has quite the nautical vibe with the blue striped tank. But the nude shade of the heels & clutch, really let the coral take the stage.

"Untitled #119", created by paypay22597 on Polyvore
The color of the skirt is a bright pink, but red would also be a great match to compliment the layered turquoise necklace.

"Coral & Green", created by karrina-renee-kreuger on Polyvore

Then you have your all over bold color combo. I really love how the only subtlety is the gold on the accessories. 

So if you've been eyeing that necklace that's considered a total statement piece, get it. You don't have to go with the ever classic neutrals, whites or blacks to wear with it. Add another bright, bold color to really make a statement! 

Need some inspiration? Peruse Polyvore & see what you can find!

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