Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Work It Wednesday: Simple Ways to Pamper Yourself

Let's face it, we all need a little extra pampering every now & then. But yet we rarely give it to ourselves. (What gives ladies?) Here's a few simple ways to do so without feeling guilty or breaking the bank.
Hit the snooze button one more time. Those extra 9 minutes (a least that's what mine is) can make a difference in how refreshed you feel for the day!
Go for extra reps during your workout. I know this may seem like torture, but don't forget how great you feel after a good workout.
It's mani/pedi time! So you may not be able to get to the salon for one, grab a new polish & do it yourself.
Indulge. That piece of decadent dark chocolate that's been playing mind games with you all it.
Relax. Whether it's on the couch with your fave TV show or in the tub with your fave read. Just take some time to do...nothing. 

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