Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Work It Wednesday: Nike Training Club App

So I've been looking into a variety of fitness apps lately. Most doing nothing with. They just didn't seem to have what I was looking for. But now I can quit looking since I've downloaded the Nike Training Club app.

 "Sign up to Nike Training Club to get your own personal trainer, anytime, anywhere. Get lean, toned and strong with more than 100 custom-built workouts. Take your goal further with all-new NikeFuel and calorie data."

Start by choosing your goal, I'm going for Get Lean with a little bit of Get Focused. Then choose your level, I'm sticking to Beginner until I get a good feel for it all. Last, choose a workout. I'm a fan of Sweat & Shape, which is why I have it under my saved workouts. This 30 minute  workout requires no equipment (each workout tells you if any is needed) & I get 434 NikeFuel (yea, still figuring all of that out).

There's also 15 minute bonus workouts from amazing female athletes to download.

Not to mention even more workouts to unlock through badges. I'm on the lookout for any by Rihanna’s personal trainer Ary Nuñez! 

 "Detailed instructions and audio support are on hand to help you perfect each of Nike Training Club’s dynamic drills. Choose a workout that fits your goal. Set it to your music, share your progress, earn your rewards. And just see the results."

You can find the Nike Training Club app on iTunes & in the Google PlayStore.

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