Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tasty Tuesday: Chicken Marsala

I'm a huge pasta fan. And one of my favorite pasta dishes is Chicken Marsala. Seriously, it's in my top 20 of #1's. (Like how I did that?) So let's just get straight to it, mkay?

For the Chicken:

•4-6 thinly sliced chicken breast halves
•1/2C all purpose flour
•1/2tsp. garlic powder
•1/2tsp. seasoned salt
•pinch of oregano
•olive oil

For the Sauce:

•fresh mushrooms, sliced
•1Tbsp. olive oil
•2Tbsp. margarine
•3/4-1C. Marsala cooking wine
•1/4C. water
•pinch each of parsley, tarragon & thyme
•heavy whipping cream
•desired kind of hot cooked pasta

•In a large skillet, saute mushrooms in margarine & olive oil until browned. Remove from pan & set aside.
 •In a shallow dish, mix flour, garlic powder, seasoned salt & oregano.
•Dredge chicken in flour mixture & brown in the same large skillet on both sides in olive oil. Remove from pan when cooked through.
•Return mushrooms to skillet & add Marsala, water, parsley, tarragon & thyme. bring to a simmer.
•Slowly add desired amount of cream, stirring continuously.
•Retuen chicken to skillet, thoroughly covering with sauce & heat through.
•Serve over cooked pasta & season with salt & pepper.


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