Sunday, April 27, 2014

Think It Thursday: Making Up Calamity Days

Now that the polar cortex of a winter is far behind us...wait, is it? Sure the bitter cold, ice & snow are long gone, but there's still one part of winter hanging around. School calamity days.

Our school had quite a bit of snow days, double the allotted amount I believe. To help make up some of the days, the school issued "blizzard bags", which were assignments for an entire day, that could be accessed on the school website. After three "blizzard bags" & one of the snow days not needing to be made up for some reason or another, the school year was only extended by a day. But since the original last day was on a Thursday, ending on a Friday isn't so bad. Unlike my niece who goes to a different school...their last day was scheduled on a Monday, but after no "blizzard bags", it's now on a Friday. That is practically a whole extra week! So I'm pretty sure my kids are OK with one day after they heard about that. (Parental note: I'm pretty sure the school budget will be much more forgiving with 1 day vs. 1 week.)

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