Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fun Friday: Milk Carton Easter Bunny

This is another one of those post-Easter posts...sorry about that.

This was such a fun craft to do with the kids! Even if I couldn't find my googly eyes at the time. 

•empty milk jug
•pink construction paper
•white printer paper (or other white paper)
•permanent marker
•googly eyes, if desired
•2 white pipe cleaners

- To prepare the milk jug, simply rinse it out & cut the top off while still leaving the handle intact. Allow to dry. 
- Use one sheet of pink construction paper & one sheet of white printer paper to cut the ears (be sure the pink is slightly smaller than the white). Use glue to hold them together & then tape to secure them to the jug.
- Use a permanent marker or googly eyes (if you can find them in your multiple totes of craft supplies) for the eyes & permanent marker for the mouth.
- Use two white pipe cleaners for the whiskers by twisting them together to form an "X", curl the ends & secure them by cutting a small slit at the mouth & taping them on the inside.

Already my kids are thinking of different animals & even monsters to make from milk jugs. (Which is fine with me since they're drinking more milk.) Although I'm not too sure how I'm going to pull off making a horse...

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