Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Keep America Beautiful: Brewster, Ohio

Big things come in small packages. Like the quaint little town I live in. 

Brewster, Ohio, is a rural community in a suburban area also known as the "Gateway to Amish Country", & home to an estimated 2,500 people. Although there are a few traffic lights, there is only one chain restaurant - Subway. And only because it's connected to the only gas station in town. 

Wheeling and Lake Erie Rail Yard, Brewster, 1910
Photo credit: Wikipedia

But what Brewster does have is a thriving economy. Brewster was built in 1910 for the purpose of the Wheeling and Lake Erie Railway, the main offices were actually moved here in 1913. The rail yard still thrives to this day & basically everyone in town either knows someone, or is related to someone, who works there. Actually, if you've ever seen the movie, Unstoppable, starring Denzel Washington & Chris Pine, then you've seen the rail yard. Yep, Brewster, Ohio's claim to Hollywood fame! 

Photo credit: Village of Brewster, Ohio

Brewster is also home to the WANDLE House (Wheeling AND Lake Erie House), which was originally called the Brewster Railroad YMCA, a dormitory for workers away from home. The WANDLE House is now owned by the Brewster-Sugarcreek Township Historical Society & home to the historical society museum & "The Station" restaurant - a delicious diner that should be on Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives (my opinion anyways).

But it's not just the railway that Brewster is known for. 

Brewster Dairy
Photo credit: Brewster Cheese

Brewster Cheese (Brewster Dairy) is the largest manufacturer of Swiss cheese in the US! At just about any hour of the day, you can see a number of tankers waiting to empty their loads of fresh milk from local farms. 

Shearer's Foods, Inc.
Photo credit: Village of Brewster, Ohio

Shearer's Foods Corporate Headquarters turn up delicious snacks like potato chips, pretzels, butter puffs & more. All of which can be purchased at their outlet store right next door! (Anyone that knows me knows I love a good outlet store.) Sometimes you can even tell what they're cooking up that day by the scent in the air, like BBQ & jalapeno flavored chips!

But my favorite thing about Brewster, is Bimeler Park. A 20+ acre park, with two pavilions, picnic facilities, a basketball court, a tennis court, several playgrounds, baseball & softball fields, a skatepark, a walking path & is used for soccer as well. The kids love to go there & play, have a picnic (Swiss cheese & chips included of course) & watch the train cars be moved.

Thank you to the folks at Dropcam for recognizing April as Keep America Beautiful month! 

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