Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hamadi Organics: Long Hair, Don't Care!

**Disclaimer: I have received products to try from Hamadi Organics & am simply sharing my personal opinion which may vary from yours. I was not compensated for this review.

I am notorious for growing my hair out super long, only to get a barely past the shoulders cut. I really do love my long locks, but there's usually a point where I just want it gone (also known as the small of my back). By then it will not cooperate at all and looks limp & lifeless. Which is why I'm shocked that my hair is well past that point & looks amazing!

Hamadi Organics is the creation of Jamal Hammadi, one of Hollywood's most sought after stylists. Using essential oils of the highest quality, your tresses are left luxuriously nourished. And everything is moisture based, so they work with your hair's natural oils, not against it.

"Tested on Actresses, Never Animals."

Shea Leave-In
This has to be my favorite product...ever! I run a dollop through my hair after the shower & it acts as a leave-in conditioner (which has helped me tremendously). But the best part is how it helps bring out my natural waves as it dries while combating frizz & static. 

Check out that sleek shine! (View this on Instagram.)

So what's my go to style with the Shea Leave-In? A sleek ponytail of course! It also tames the flyaways when I leave my hair down (which is on rare occasion). And I have to give this major bonus points for adding shine without weighing my hair down!

Shea Spray
I have to say that this Shea Spray is like the cherry on top! not only does it give my hair a bit of extra shine, but it helps to keep frizz at bay. And let me tell you, there is nothing worse than long frizzy & wavy locks (I'm actually shuddering at the thought). 

And then there's the fact that Shea Spray also contains fortifying kelp & smoothing avocado, that really helps to give your hair that healthy look from less breakage. Basically this all translates into me loving my hair swept into a ponytail again. Something I never do when it's this length.

Shea Hair Cream
The Shea Hair Cream is cool like James Franco! Really, it is. If for no other reason, than he actually uses it. (Yes, I do adore James Franco in case it wasn't a tad bit obvious.) 

Jamal Hammadi & James Franco
(Photo credit: Hamadi Organics)

But, back to the Shea hair Cream itself, this stuff is amazing! I have replaced my usual gel & mousse with this alone. It helps to add texture to my hair when I style it, but only where I want the added texture. Which means that I have been taking more time trying out different styles that I never thought I could pull off. of course some I still can't quite pull off, but the ones I can look great!

 I'm already so in love with all of these products, but I can almost guarantee a full blown obsession when warmer weather comes. You see, Shea Butter contains a naturally occurring sunscreen which helps protect your hair from sun damage (broken or split ends, faded color, dry brittle hair, frizz, weakened & thinning hair). And with as much as my family is outdoors...well, my hair will thank me!

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  1. I had no idea that shea butter was a natural sunscreen. I am going to have to learn more about this and get these items for my little toe-heads.

  2. I need the defrizzing cream in July when we have our rainy season here

  3. i'd love to try a leave in conditioner!

  4. Im definitely checking this out further. I have long hair that gets frizzy towards the end and it could use some help before i chop it lol!

  5. Oh the tagline: "Tested on Actresses, Never Animals." This is my first time hearing about this product, and I can see the sleekness of your hair in your pic.

  6. This sounds amazing! I would definitely need to try the Shea Spray this summer! Thanks for sharing!