Friday, April 18, 2014

Fun Friday: Super Bubble Solution

My kids are relieved to finally be able to play outside now that nicer weather is here. And one of their favorite things to do outside is blow bubbles. Usually my oldest will stand on the back porch, blow as many as she can in what seems like 10 seconds, then run around with her younger brother & sister to pop them.

For years I made the simple bubble solution myself (it is just dish soap & water after all). But this year I decided to put a twist on it & make a Super Bubble solution! These bubbles tend to last a tad bit longer before they pop, which makes them twice as fun! 

•2C. warm water
•4Tbsp. dish soap
•2Tbsp. light corn syrup
•2tsp. white sugar

- Blend all ingredients in an airtight container that can double for storage.

*Due to the corn syrup & sugar, the solution is a bit sticky. 

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