Thursday, May 16, 2013

Think It Thursday: SAHM "Paycheck"

It's one of the hardest jobs I've ever had. There's no vacation or sick days. And quite frankly , the days are never ending. But to be around for every milestone, every achievement & every "crisis" is amazing in & of itself. 

I've found that most other SAHM's are very creative at finding ways to contribute to the household finances. I maximize my savings at the stores. I use online earning sites. I make most of my cleaners. I like to re-purpose things. Of course, most of that goes unnoticed in the chaotic day to day shuffle. But that's OK, I know the difference that I make.

But it makes you wonder, what if you got a paycheck for it too. Hugs & kisses are great ways that my kids "pay" me, but I can't pay the gas bill with them. (One can still dream though, right? LOL)

 This would be my yearly pay. Calculated for the area I live in & the hours I perform my "jobs".

Wow! I'd have to have a pretty good job to bring home that kind of money. But then I would miss Paige's school activities. Damien's first day of preschool. Special play dates at the park with Hayden. Too much if you ask me.

I guess what I'm getting at, is that no one should ever devalue the work that a SAHM does. Because just remember, her "paycheck" might be bigger than yours.

Calculate your own "Mom paycheck" here.

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