Thursday, May 23, 2013

Think It Thursday: Are You Prepared?

With the recent devastation in Oklahoma, it really had me thinking. What happens the day my family & I are in that situation? Are we prepared?

Ohio is considered part of the Midwest (which boggles my mind a bit), but when you hear Midwest, you think tornadoes. And while we are far from "Tornado Alley", an EF5 (formerly known as F5) tornado could happen right here. Actually the last F5 tornado in Ohio was recorded in 1985, in Niles.

You don't need to prepare for the zombie apocalypse, but there are a few key elements.

•Know where to go. Do you have a basement to take cover in? if not a 1st floor bathtub covered with a mattress would probably be the safest.

•First Aid. Having a first aid kit handy near your safe spot could be critical.

•Rations. No you don't need the latest in astronaut cuisine, but some bottled waters & non-perishable food (like a box of granola bars) would definitely help in case you get trapped.

•Flashlight & Batteries. You never know if you'll have to crawl through the rubble to safety.

These are simply my own personal suggestions, even though I'm sure I need to learn more. But they are suggestions worth following through with, as I plan to do. 

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