Thursday, May 2, 2013

Think It Thursday: Recycling

Seriously, think about it. What will the environment be like when your kids grow up? What about your kids kids? We need to do what we can to help sustain at least part of the world we live in today.

Recycling is a small change in our routines that can make a huge impact. And it's easy to do!

Most local recycling centers take #1 & #2 plastics, glass, aluminum & cardboard/papers. Just remove lids (if necessary), sort & place ion respective bins. It really is that easy. 

Fun Facts:
• Aluminum cans can be recycled into: soda cans, pie plates, license plates, thumbtacks, aluminum foil, and many other items.

• PET plastic can be recycled into: clothing, fiberfill for sleeping bags, toys, stuffed animals, rulers and more. 

• Glass can be recycled into jars, jewelry, bottles, dishes, drinking glasses, coffee mugs and many other items.

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