Thursday, May 2, 2013

Mompact Giveaway & My Embarrassing Moment Submission

Being a Saline Ambassador for Boogie Wipes is, well...awesome! Not only do I get to share my love of a great product, but do it on another level by actually sharing Boogie Wipes (along with a few other cool things).

But I also get a heads up on some great things. Like Boogie Wipes teaming with Mompact for an amazing giveaway! 

 Be sure to head over here & fill out the rafflecopter form, for a chance to win a share of over $1000 in prizes! (And let me tell you, moms know what moms like.) And don't forget to share your "real mom" story! Those are the best part if you ask me.

My Embarrassing Submission:

Of course I remember this day vividly. It was the day we rushed Paige, 9 months at the time, to the hospital (for Kawasaki Disease we later found out.)

We had thought a strange rash Paige had, was from a spider bite or a sensitivity to a new laundry detergent. Solution: Rewash everything in the old detergent & set off bug bombs on every floor of our townhouse apartment. So while we had to evacuate, we met up with family at Longhorn Steakhouse.

I wasn't really hungry then, so I just got something small. Chili, actually. Complete with plenty of jalapenos, onions, cheese, sour cream & hot sauce. (Yum!)

Fast forward to the emergency room a few hours later. The nurses needed to start an IV. But of course little babies have super powers & are insanely strong, so back-up was needed. Now every other time they'd "be right back", it was a good 10-15 minutes. So when that delicious chili caught up with me, I let it rip. Well, what do you know! The nurses really were right back!

Usually everyone would just ignore the awful stench, right? Uh, no. far from it actually. These nurses started going on about how my baby had awful gas. But from my frazzled emotional state, I quickly grabbed some perfume from my purse & started spraying while apologizing profusely.

When I heard, "Oh honey", I knew I had it coming. I had 3 nurses schooling me about never, ever, ever claiming the blame when someone else thinks it's the baby. I'm pretty sure that was the most mortifying part of it all. But...lesson learned & I never fessed up again.

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