Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Messy Monday: How to Clean a Garbage Disposal

Is your garbage disposal due for a good cleaning? Next time try this method & you'll be impressed at how much longer it can extend the time in between cleanings.

Please excuse my ugly scratched wood paneling walls. Someday I will get to remodel my kitchen...

•baking soda
 •ice cubes
•citrus peels or lemon juice

- Start by pouring a bit of baking soda down the drain that leads to your garbage disposal.
- Next, slowly pour some vinegar to create a reaction with the baking soda. This will help to break up some of the gunk down there.
 - When the fizzing starts to slow down, run the hot water & turn the disposal on.
- After 30-60 seconds, add a couple ice cubes. This will help to sharpen the blades. 
- Lastly add some citrus peels for a fresh scent. If you don't have any, some lemon juice will work too.

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