Friday, November 15, 2013

Fun Friday: Goo on the Go

Playing with their "Goo on the go" bags! And no, I couldn't get rid of Paige's red eyes, no matter what I tried.

Ever have those moments when you need something in a hurry to keep your kids occupied for about 10 minutes? Yea, me too. And that's when I turn to goo. (Look at me, I made a rhyme!)

I call this version "Goo on the go" because I put it in a Ziploc bag to keep the mess to a minimum. Of course a semi-watchful eye is needed to make sure the bag stays sealed. But if you are able to, skip the bags & give them a bowl! Because playing in goo is downright fun! (Even if you're older than a lot.)

•food coloring (optional)
•Ziploc bag

- Place the cornstarch & food coloring (if using) in your Ziploc bag & add the water, just a little at a time. You'll have to work it pretty good to get it mixed up, but that's just because it's goo. If you need more water or cornstarch, just add accordingly.

*When you have goo in a bowl, you can roll it into a ball as long as you keep your hands moving. Because once you's a goo-ey mess! 

Have fun!

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